Fire Reterdent Cables


Flame Retardant Cables in Fire condition; traditional cables act as a network to propagate the flame along their length to distances far from the fire area. Using special flame retardant grades of the non-metallic components of the cable will significantly increase the cable ability to prevent flame spread "this is called flame retardant"

The key definitions of the flame retardant cables are: Cables which doesn't spread fire Cables which are self-extinguishing.

At C.B.H CABLES, we understand what is required from a fire performance cable and we appreciate the pressures faced by specifies and consultants in selecting the correct cable from the range available.


C.B.H CABLES, Fire Resistant Cables & fire performance cables are specifically designed to facilitate the quick and orderly evacuation of the buildings occupants in the events of an emergency. Purpose designed to maintain circuit integrity to a host of critical safety systems, including fire alarms, emergency lights, CCTV systems and emergency power supplies, Fire Resistant cables form a vital component of any safety system.

The advantages of this product make it an ideal candidate for use in a broad range of applications including:
• Houses, multi-story buildings, stores, shops, hotels, theaters, cinemas, schools, hospitals, airports, etc.
• Fire warning plants, alarm systems, ventilation system, escalators, lifts, safety lights, operation and intensive stations, maintenance equipment.
• Underground railways and other railway plants
• Power stations and industrial plants with high valuable machines and materials or risky potentials
• Emergency power supply works

Fire Resistant Cables have the following features, advantages & benefits: Features
• Zero Halogen content
• Low smoke production
• Highly flame-retardant
• Excellent electrical properties
• Excellent mechanical properties Advantages
• When burned – very low smoke production & non-corrosive
• No thermoplastic dripping
• Low toxicity
• Good moisture and fluid resistance, flexible superior cut-through, crush and abrasion resistance and slick finish – low coefficient of friction