Who We Are

C.B.H Cables is one of the leading companies in the market in the manufacturing of cables in Egypt and supplying electrical cables and wire industries.
Established in 2011، The factory is located at Al-Sharqiya Al-Salhiya Al-Jadida factory, 2nd industrial zone.
The factory works with the latest technology and manufacturing a variety of high quality products:
1- Electrical conductors & Power cables & Bared copper conductors & Control cables.
2- Special cables ( Automotive cables , Fire Alarm Cables, PV Cables, Flat Cables ).
3- Signal cables (CCTV , Light current systems &( Coax , RG Cables ).

C.B.H Cables has an integrated team of professional engineers in this field the quality of the products is checked during all stages of production through specialized technicians starting from the receipt of raw materials until the finished product.

C.B.H Cables firmly believes that quality is the most important factor during manufacturing in order to obtain safe and reliable products.
Cables are manufactured in accordance with the most important Egyptian and international standards.
The Egyptian standards (2948/2005 and 182/2011), The international standards (IEC 60228, 60227)
and the implementation of the latest international standards for quality standards.
C.B.H Company Certified to ISO 9001: 2015

C.B.H Cables also has a testing laboratory to control the quality of cables overall the production stages
The laboratory includes all testing equipments that covers all tests provided in the standard specifications.
The factory is planned to include an integrated technical management system to serve the objectives and ambitions of the company in covering the industry of wires and all kinds of cables of different quality and high quality of production capacity.

The factory was equipped with the latest production lines to meet the required production capacity.

C.B.H aims to achieve the difficult equation with the highest quality with the lowest cost Based on several factors:
1- Continuous development of production equipment's.
2- Dependence on the latest scientific techniques in the selection of raw materials.
3- Continuous training of human energy in the company.
4- Continuous development of production quality control capabilities.


1- Dependence on specialized research centers..------
2- Application of the latest manufacturing systems on the production lines.
3- We will have a lot of branches all over the world.--



1- We will be an International company. -------
2- One of the top 3 companies in the global --- market.
3- Manufacturing all special cables with quality and price competing of the global market.